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Awarding Athletes for Their Outstanding Performance with Great Design

Studio 2055 Metal Designs

While the Summer Olympics were being held in Rio, the America’s Finest City race of InMotion’s America’s Finest City Half Marathon (AFC) was held in San Diego on August 21. Athletes started at the world-famous Cabrillo National Monument, passed the Star of India and ended in Balboa Park. Thousands of runners completed the half marathon course and were rewarded with a “finishers” medal designed by the Studio.

America’s Finest City is the third and last race of the Triple Crown Series which includes the Tri-City Wellness Center Marathon & Half Marathon, La Jolla Half Marathon and America’s Finest City. Runners who completed all three races are awarded the Triple Crown medal that acknowledges their outstanding performance and commitment.

Walking in Their Shoes
As designers, our goal is, of course, to make the client more than satisfied with our work. However, beyond that, we wanted to understand what it means to those participating in the race. We spoke with a number of dedicated runners and triathletes and asked them questions about how these events are important to them. We learned that to many, running is not just a sport but a lifestyle. Their dedication drives a passion that is infused in all their sports activities, and they treasure medals from all the races they join. These medals give them a huge sense of pride and are often displayed in their homes in a place of honor, sometimes even with custom frames to showcase them.

Designing in Three Dimensions: Concept and Sketches for the Triple Crown Design
The three races that make up the Triple Crown are located near the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay. Rachel Kim, the main designer on the project, wanted to depict the ocean that ties the three races together. The waveforms represent the energy and passion of the dedicated runners. The antique gold finish complements the deep blue hues of the water, creating a feeling of regality and strength. Taking advantage of the deep engraving of the production, the waves form elegant cutouts around the focal point of the Triple Crown logo. The same design is mirrored on the reverse side.

America’s Finest City 2016 Half Marathon Concepts

Many runners come to San Diego to participate in the race, and The Star of India is a central landmark in our city. From the two concepts presented, depicting the ship’s furled sails moored in San Diego harbor with runner’s passing by was the client’s first choice. To extend the nautical theme, the frame of the medal was designed in the shape of a ship’s porthole with a 3-D ribbon spanning the design. Satin ribbons were matched with the color palette we selected to complement each of the medals. Our design was replicated on T-shirts for men, women and children.


Concept sketches

Concept sketches for Triple Crown and America’s Finest City medals.

Instagram Posts from Runners
We are so happy to see the excitement and positive feedback we have received from runners who have completed the race here in San Diego as well as those who were able to obtain the final Triple Crown medal to complete their set.

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